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From an early age Miguel Vieira took a very strong interest in computer technology. Having bought his first computer at the age 14, he was never satisfied with how things worked and took matters into his own hands by hacking it and modding it to be able to enhance it’s functionalities.

Ever since, he would take every opportunity to study as much as he could about computer technologies, hardware and eventually open source software which he has always been a fierce advocate for the freedoms it stands for and possibilities it allows to it’s users and developers.

In 2009, he had a vision that pushed the idea of helping a small town that had very poor telecommunication resources, to develop an internal independent wireless network that would allow it’s users to communicate among themselves and gain access to the internet by sharing their resources in community.

In 2012 the project became known as WirelessPT, later a registered trademark and in 2016 was presented at the wireless battlemesh v9 in Portugal.

While developing WirelessPT, Miguel also wrote and published hundreds of wiki pages, documenting his findings, his methods and do it yourself solutions which are complemented with hundreds of photos and videos to help others creating and expand wireless community networks.