GISWatch print editions now available on-demand

Two of the most recent print editions of Global Information Society Watch are now available for on-demand ordering. Activists, academics and policy makers are encouraged to order copies of “Internet rights and democratisation” and “The internet and corruption” through a new, online service.

GISWatch is a yearly publication by APC and Hivos featuring reports from around the world that cover the state of the information society from the perspectives of civil society. Since 2007, all GISWatch editions are available online for free download and can be read as PDFs by most digital readers. Now, physical copies of GISWatch editions can also be obtained. The 2012 and 2011 editions are available today with past editions 2007 – 2010 coming soon. 

Global Information Society Watch 2012 | The internet and corruption: Transparency and accountability online
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Global Information Society Watch 2011 | Internet rights and democratisation: Focus on freedom of expression and association online
Print | Download

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