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REDES A.C - Redes por la Diversidad, Equidad y Sustentabilidad A.C.


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Originally from Carabobo, Venezuela. Teacher of Free Technologies, co-founder of Colectivo Carabobo Libre, 1st organization of social property in free technologies in the country, promotes together with teachers in the region the educational program #SemilleroEstudianTIL an alternative for learning free software and technical-productive training in children and young people in the community. Organizer of international online events such as the Latin American and Caribbean Days of Self-training in Free
Technologies. He is a graduate of the ITU International Training Program for technical promoters in indigenous communities for the generation, development and maintenance of communication and broadcasting network technologies and currently collaborates in the co-creation of Colmena, an open source digital platform, designed from the indigenous communities, radios and community networks in the world to support the dynamics and workflow of their media.