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Dr. Shiino joined Nomura Research Institute (NRI) in 1979 and engaged in numerous research and consulting projects for both government organization and private companies. After acting as General Manager of Information & Service Industry Consulting Department, he became member of the Board of Directors of NRI in 2000. After holding various positions, including director in charge of Research & Consulting Division, he became Corporate Senior Vice Presidents in 2002, to oversee Distribution & Social Systems Division. He assumed the present post of Counselor of NRI in April 2007.

He serves as Executive Board Member of Japan Information Technology Services Industry Association from May 2007.

Dr. Shiino earned a B.S. in Biology degree in 1977 and a Master of Science in Biology from Tokyo University in 1979, and a Ph.D. of Energy Management and Policy from University of Pennsylvania in 1984.

Among other publications in English, he has authored (or co-authored) "BPR with Intelligent Management Support System"(NRI Search ’92. Dec.) "What will occur in the information and communications market-IT Market Navigator 2005 "Global Warming Initiatives by the Information Services Industry" (NRI Papers' 08.Apr.) "Using the Ubiquitous Network to Achieve a Sustainable Society" (NRI Papers '09.Apr.)