Global Information Society Watch 2007

Editorial board

  • Karen Banks (APC, Networking Development Manager)
  • Roberto Bissio (ITeM, Executive Director)
  • Willie Currie (APC, Communications and Information Policy Programme Manager)
  • Anriette Esterhuysen (APC, Executive Director)
  • Chat Garcia Ramilo (APC, Women’s Networking Support Programme Manager)
  • Magela Sigillito (ITeM, Internet Area Coordinator)

Project coordinator

  • Pablo Accuosto

Editor, Country reports

Data collection issues


Data is raw information such as the numbers programmed in your speed dial, the last ten numbers dialled on your mobile phone, the number of times you lent your phone to a friend last week, how many people use prepaid telephony and how many have postpaid subscriptions, how much it costs to make a call, whether you have email access via your phone, your home, your local telecentre or not at all, the hours that telecentres are open for business, whether your mother has ever made a long distance call, and so forth.